Benefits Of Iron Supplements       

Iron is an extremely essential component in the human blood. It is required to make hemoglobin; a protein that carries oxygen molecules throughout the body via blood. Iron is specifically provided in the body through Vitamin B12 also known as Folic acid.

When people have a lack of iron in their blood, they tend to suffer from occasional dizziness, fatigue and in some cases, anemia as well. Sometimes when people aren’t getting proper amount of iron from their diet, they take artificial supplements. Artificial supplements can also be recommended by a physician or nutritionist.

There are many types of iron supplements available in the market these days in many forms: liquid, capsules and tablets. Iron supplements produce quicker and improved levels of hemoglobin in the blood than regular iron containing foods. These are also used to in the treatment of anemic individuals.

Healthcare experts can recommend the right kind of iron supplement for an individual. Anemic people need more quantities of iron than non-anemic people. Women need around 40% more iron than men on a daily basis. This is because menstruation causes blood loss, and the body needs to replenish the loss of iron.

Benefits Of Iron Supplements 

Best Iron Supplements:

Although the most natural way to gain iron is through including various iron-rich foods in a person’s regular diet, supplements are a good replacement as well. Here are a few iron supplements that are trustworthy and safe for consumption:

#1 Nature’s Bounty Iron Supplements

A product of Nature’s Bounty, a company trusted for nearly three decades now, one tablet of this supplement contains about 65 mg Ferrous Sulfate. It means that every tablet contains 65 mg of elemental iron for the body to digest.

Other constituents in this tablet include vegetable cellulose and Crospovidone. It also contains vegetable Magnesium stearate, Silica, Maltodextrin and Triacetin which constitute less than 2% of the composition.

Dried Ferrous Sulfate makes for an excellent iron supplement. This supplement is completely vegetarian and should be consumed with adequate fluid intake, specifically fruit juices. This product doesn’t contain any gluten, lactose, preservatives, artificial coloring or flavor and is extremely safe to ingest.

One container of Nature’s Bounty Iron supplement contains a hundred tablets. The recommended dosage for this supplement is one tablet daily along with a meal. However, in case a person is suffering from any chronic condition, they should consult a doctor before taking these.


Nature’s Bounty Iron Supplements







#2 MegaFood Blood Builder

Manufactured by MegaFood, this product has been in existence for almost two decades. The biggest plus point of this is that unlike other supplements, it doesn’t induce nausea or constipation. A few iron supplements are known to cause discomfort in the stomach- as such, people get advised not to take them on empty stomach.

Formulated with the help of beet root and oranges, this supplement contains Vitamin C, Folic acid and Vitamin B12 along with iron. With 30 tablets per container, each tablet serves about 26 mg iron. This product has been proven to be safe to take on empty stomach via several clinical tests.

MegaFood Blood Builder promotes healthy red blood cell in the body without triggering any allergies as well. It is free of gluten, soy, lactose and GMOs and it is suitable for vegans to consume as well.

The recommended dosage is one tablet per day for an adult. MegaFood Blood Builder iron supplement is made using real organic foods, like oranges, beetroots and broccoli. Vitamin C content in this supplement aids the body for proper absorption of iron.


MegaFood Blood Builder






#3 Garden Of Life Vitamin Code Raw Iron Supplement

One capsule of this iron supplement contains 22 mg of raw whole food iron along with vitamin C, B12 and folic acid. It is manufactured by Garden Of Life from 23 organic vegetables and fruits. This supplement promotes digestion with its enzyme and probiotics content- it doesn’t pose any risk of constipation.

Vitamin Code Raw Iron Supplement also helps maintain the reproductive, cardiac and eye health of an individual. It also helps improve the overall immunity and mental health of a person along with healthy increase of iron content in the blood.

Vitamin Code is perfectly suited for Vegan intake and is free of GMOs, lactose and gluten along with zero binders or fillers. It is verified for the same by various third-party organizations. The recommended dosage is to take one capsule each day along with water or fruit juices.


Garden Of Life Vitamin Code Raw Iron Supplement







#4 NOW Supplements Veg Iron Capsules

This Vegetarian/Vegan iron supplement can provide about 18 mg of iron per capsule. Manufactured by NOW Supplements, it is produced by using rice flour, cellulose capsules, vegetable stearic acid and silica. This supplement is suitable to consume for any vegetarian or vegan person.

It is also free of gluten, soy, lactose, or nuts- meaning it is not likely to trigger any type of allergies. Ferrochel Iron Bisglycinate (1) is used to formulate this iron supplement, as this compound helps in easier absorption of iron.  It doesn’t induce constipation and is gentle on sensitive stomachs as well.

The recommended dosage for this supplement is one capsule daily with a meal. Along with boosting red blood cell production, it also helps improve immune health and increase energy levels.


NOW Supplements Veg Iron capsules







Precaution regarding supplements:

Supplements can boost someone’s health by a great measure, however, it also essential to intake a healthy amount of fruits and vegetables as well as liquids. Also, people should keep in mind the recommended dosage of said supplements.

Children should be kept away from the reach of these supplements: since accidental over-dosing on iron-containing pills can lead to fatalities.

Supplements can only aid in increase of iron content in the blood- these supplements cannot be used to treat or cure any chronic condition. Always consult a physician before starting with supplements- especially if suffering from some disease.

The major reason behind this is that these supplements are not FDA approved- even though they have been clinically tested. These supplements are mostly available in the United States; however, they may be available in a few select countries as well.


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