Best Bodyweight Exercises

There are so many people out there who wish to get into shape and stay fit but do not have the required resources. Gyms can prove to be expensive for certain people. Some people might even opt away from gyms due to body consciousness. But the good news is, there are exercises that people can practically do anywhere, even in the comfort of their homes.

One of the best and beneficial exercises anyone can do at home are bodyweight exercises. There are different kinds of bodyweight exercises. They are easy to do and offer promising results. You do not need fancy equipment or expensive trainers. All you need is some practice, determination, and focus. If you want to get in shape by exercising at home, here are some of the best bodyweight exercises you can try out today!


Perhaps, one bodyweight exercise that everyone can easily do at home is press-ups. This is a great exercise that is easy to do, and the results that people will get from this are beyond satisfactory. Here’s how to do it.

First, lay flat with your belly down on the floor. Then lift your body back up with your toes and shoulders. The palm of your hands should be flat on the floor. It is important to remember to keep your body straight. Now, simply start lowering again until your chest hits the floor. Once your chest touches the floor, drive up explosively. Keep repeating.

You can do three sets of this exercise. Twenty to twenty-five reps per set should do the trick. Push-ups help improve upper body function and strength. They build endurance and strength, but most importantly, they help in the building of muscle mass.


Overhead Crunch

Are you excited to build muscles and stay in shape, but you can’t go to a gym? Well, that’s no big deal! You can do this simple bodyweight exercise at home any time you want. Overhead crunch is not difficult to do. If you want to learn, here’s how.

All you need to do is lie flat on your back. Once you’re in that position, just extend your arms all the way behind and over your head. The tip of the fingers of your hands should touch. Make sure that your knees are also raised. Once you bend your knees, check that your feet are flat on the floor. Now you’re all set to do the exercise.

Keeping your hands locked,  lift or crunch yourself up. Make sure to contract your abs or core. You can do about three sets of this exercise with about twenty reps for each set. This is a great bodyweight exercise that builds core strength and can define your abs. If you do not contract your abs, this exercise is useless. So, make sure to keep that in mind.

Overhead Crunch


Pistol Squatting

Bodyweight exercises are meant to do basic exercises minus the gym equipment. They are ideal for doing at home, especially since they are easy to do. People looking to work out at home should definitely consider giving this exercise a try!

Stand up straight and hold out your arms forward. Your arms should be parallel to the ground. Once you are in this position, simply lift any side of your leg up off of the floor. Your leg should be lifted forward. If you are in this position, you can start doing this exercise.

With your legs lifted forward, slowly start to bend down. While you’re bending, remember to push your hips backwards. Now, bend as low as you can on the one standing leg. Before you lift yourself back up, just pause for a few seconds. By putting your bodyweight while squatting, you’re improving your glutes, calves, as well as your hamstrings and quads. This is a nice and easy way to strengthening leg muscles.

Pistol Squatting


Knee Raises With a Box

The whole point of doing bodyweight exercises at home is to avoid using fancy equipment while still gaining the same benefits. When it comes to simple yet effective bodyweight exercises, knee raises using a box is undoubtedly one of the best.

To begin with this bodyweight exercise, simple place a bench or box in front of where you’re standing. Now, place one foot on the bench. It should be flat. Once you set your foot on the box or bench, explosively drive up your other foot as high as possible and lower it back down. Keep repeating and alternating your legs.

This particular exercise is incredibly useful for balancing out muscles in your legs. If the left or the right side of your leg is stronger than the other, this exercise can even out the imbalance. Three or even two sets of fifteen reps of this exercise are enough for one day.


You did not think that we would forget sit-ups, did you? This classic and easy bodyweight exercise is, by far, one of the most popular exercises that anyone can easily and conveniently do at home. Moreover, the benefits that this exercise provides is spectacular!

Lie flat on your back on the floor and bend your knees. If you have a mat, it would be better that you place it down for comfort. Now, simply proceed to place your hands at the back of your head. Once in this position, tighten your ab area, otherwise known as your core and lift your torso. Your torso should form a ‘V’ shape while it’s lifting with your thighs. When going back down, control the lowering speed.

Sit-ups are one of the best bodyweight exercises to build and define the abs. They improve the stability of the core. If you want to get the best results doing this, make sure to do this exercise in a slow and also controlled manner. Do not rush this exercise.

Sit-ups Bodyweight Exercises



There are no skipping bodyweight exercises if you want to build a fit and strong body.(1) Bodyweight exercises are incredibly useful for defining muscles, building muscle mass, and even improving joint problems and muscle imbalances. The great news is, these are exercises that anyone can do any time and anywhere, especially at home!

The five bodyweight exercise we listed is good for your core, your legs, and your upper body. Doing them every day in proper form can drastically improve your physical health. What are you waiting for? Go home and try them out today!


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