Which Brand Of Creatine Is Best?

Creatine is an organic supplement that you will need to grow more muscles within a short time, and it will help you crush your gym goals. A good creatine supplement will help you lift heavy, train harder, and with more intensity. As a pre-workout, creatine prepares your body with high energy, and after the workout, it promotes muscle growth.

The biggest challenge is choosing the right and safe product worth your time and money. A few of the products available in the market may have low-quality ingredients, so choosing only good quality products is necessary.

One such trustworthy product is Ultimate CRN-5 from Crazy Nutrition, a well-known brand among bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. Let’s look at the benefits of this formula which makes it a worthy product.

What is Ultimate CRN-5?

Ultimate CRN-5 is one of the best creating formulas from Crazy Nation that helps in muscle growth and building strength. With five creatine formulas and essential electrolytes that help in building muscle mass.

It increases your body’s ability to produce ATP for a more extended period which means you get energy for more intense workouts that last longer or any physical activity.

It also fastens the recovery process after workouts as it prevents lactic acid buildups in your muscles. It is from a company that has been creating supplements for over a decade; you can expect only good quality supplements from them.

Best Creatine Supplement



What are the ingredients in Ultimate CRN-5?

Let us look at the ingredients that make Ultimate CRN-5 an excellent creatine supplement.

Creatine Monohydrate.

It is a natural form of creatine and an organic compound that helps muscle growth and development. It is very safe to consume with zero to fewer side effects. Most scientific studies were done on creatine to determine its impact on the human body. It increases strength and endurance and more muscle mass. Because it is readily available, creatine monohydrate is also the cheapest creatine source.

Creatine Hydrochloride

Creatine hydrochloride can help increase the store of creation phosphate in our muscles, which helps produce ATP. It helps in muscle growth and improves performance during workouts. It can also prevent the buildup of lactic acid in our muscles which aids in faster recovery after workouts.

Creatine Ethyl Ester

This form of creatine helps in muscle development and better performance. It also promotes faster recovery while reducing soreness and muscle fatigue. Creatine ethyl ester is easily absorbable by the cells, boosting energy levels and performance.

Tri-Creatine Malate

Tri-Creatine Malate combines three types of creatine that help in better performance and muscle growth. It also reduces muscle soreness and initiates faster recovery.

Creatine Citrate Pyruvate

This form of creatine improves cellular energy and helps in better performance. With the help of Pyruvate, Creatine Citrate increases the cellular production of ATP, muscle growth and enhances performance. It also reduces muscle soreness and fatigue after an intense workout.(1)

Aquamin Mg

It contains Magnesium that is beneficial for bones, heart, and immune system. Silver also reduces inflammation, fights infection, and regulates blood pressure. The usage of Aquamin Mg helps to reduce the risk of kidney stones.


It improves cardiovascular health, reduces kidney stones and high blood pressure. Sodium regulates nerve impulses and muscle contraction, promoting a healthy urinary tract system and overall health.


It removes harmful toxins and balances out the PH levels. Potassium also improves cardiovascular health, reduces kidney stones and high blood pressure. It reduces the overall stress on the heart, enabling it to pump blood more efficiently.

Which Brand Of Creatine Is Best

How Does it Work?

Crazy Nutrition’s Ultimate CRN-5 has powerful ingredients that increase the amount of creatine phosphate which is stored in our muscles. With increased creatine phosphate, the production of ATP in the muscles also increases. This process helps in faster muscle growth and high endurance with better performance.

This supplement also prevents the buildup of lactic acid in our muscles which happens after a workout. In the absence of lactic acid, the muscles recover faster with minor soreness. It fuels the muscles much quicker than other creatine formulas and hydrates the cells.

Benefits of Ultimate CRN-5

Here are the benefits of Ultimate CRN-5,

  1. Increases muscle growth and endurance, leading to better performance.
  2. Initiates faster recovery of muscles and reduces muscle soreness after a workout.
  3. High energy levels with the help of more ATP production.
  4. Enhances stamina for heavier lifts during workouts.
  5. Keeps the muscles hydrated by using electrolytes.
  6. Improves heart health and cellular energy.
  7. Reduces chances of high blood pressure and kidney stones.
  8. Improves ability to focus more and promotes healthy immunity.

Dosage of Ultimate CRN-5

Ultimate CRN-5 is available in powder form and has an orange mango flavor. You should take one scoop of Ultimate CRN-5 and mix it with 16 oz of water or any drink of your choice. Mix the powder well, and then consume it before your workout to fuel your body with an intense burst of energy.

A minimum of 2-3 months of consistent use of the Ultimate CRN-5 will show visible results, which means that consistency is the key to achieving better results in supplements.

For better and visible results quickly, use the supplement consistently, a proper exercise regime, and a good diet.

Is The Ultimate CRN-5 Worth it?

Crazy Nutrition is a trustworthy brand with excellent supplements to prove its value. The Ultimate CRN-5 is another one of its top-quality creatine supplements that can be a game-changer in your fitness journey. It has numerous health benefits like increased muscle mass, better energy levels, and great workouts. Its benefits don’t stop only at the gym; it promotes overall health by reducing blood pressure and encouraging cardiovascular health.

It is a vegan formula and is perfect for anyone who is an athlete or gym enthusiast. Its manufacturing facilities are all certified under GMP, and it does not contain any artificial or banned substances, which makes it a safe supplement.

If you are looking for an effective creatine supplement, then Ultimate CRN-5 is an excellent option because of its numerous benefits and good quality.

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