Damiana Health Benefits

As we grow older, both our health and sex life tend to deteriorate over time. So, many people worldwide are looking for ways to spice up their sex life with their partners.

Sometimes they resort to the use of unhealthy pills, ointments, and supplements that do the opposite of what they expect. It causes further damages and an unsatisfactory outcome at all times. So, it is advisable to encourage the use of natural herbs such as damiana.

What Is a Damiana?

Damiana consists of a low-growing herb or plant that possesses yellow flowers with fragrant leaves. It also goes by the name of Turnera diffusa and is native to the areas of Southern Texas, South America, Mexico, and Central America under the subtropical climates. Its used as a bladder tonic and an aphrodisiac by indigenous people has been around for centuries now.

Like many popular marketable herbs, the use of damiana tends to improve people’s sexual health. It also helps treat a multitude of symptoms, from anxiety and stomach aches to diabetes.

Even though there isn’t more but just anecdotal evidence supporting these claims, the global population uses damiana to improve symptoms of multiple sicknesses.


Damiana Health Benefits




Health Benefits of Damiana

The use of damiana in folk medicines has been around for a while now. Some scientific studies investigate the use of damiana for treating and preventing any illnesses or conditions.

For the most part, the research is limited to laboratory and animal studies. But here are some of the health benefits that come with the use of damiana today:

Enhanced Sexual Function – According to a study in 2009 on rats, damiana worked wonders on helping sexually tired male rats bounce for a 2nd ejaculation. The study authors believe that certain flavonoids present in the herb might be accountable for its pro-sexual effects. But damiana is multifaceted and even caters to women and not just men.(1)

According to two studies, an herbal preparation having damiana tends to bring enhancements in women’s overall sex satisfaction. For instance, the ArginMax supplement for women is a proprietary nutritional mixture of ginseng, L-arginine, ginkgo, minerals, damiana, and multivitamins. The presence of ginseng in this supplement helps bring sexual arousal in women.

The 1st study, present in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy, consisted of 77 women. Some of them chose Placebo, and the rest went with ArginMax for up to four weeks. 73% of the women that took the herbal formula started witnessing a boost in their sexual desire.

Health Benefits of Damiana

There was also a reduction in their vaginal dryness, increased sexual intercourse frequency, and elevated orgasm. The women also started experiencing improved clitoral sensation compared to the placebo group at 37%.

The 2nd study started examining women in different life stages such as post-menopause, pre-menopause, and perimenopause. There was a major boost of sexual desire in all three groups, but the changes were more prominent in the postmenopausal group.

Appetite Suppressant – Damiana also possesses weight losing properties. From a journal appetite in 2013, women who took herbal formula containing the damiana herb, inulin soluble fermentable, guarana plus, and yerba mate 15 minutes before their meals consumed significantly lesser food by calories + volume compared to the Placebo. The subjects that took just the damiana, guarana and yerba mate in the absence of added fiber also started consuming fewer calories.

Based on the study’s findings, the herbal mixture produces a short-term and strong reduction in appetite. Also, the combination of guarana, damiana, and yerba mate tends to delay gastric emptying or unloading by an extra 20 minutes and also reduced the time to feel full.

Following the 45 days of daily supplement consumption before the day’s main meal, the subjects lost over 11 pounds more on average than those consuming a placebo.

And the ones that continued in taking the supplement for the whole year did an excellent job maintaining weight loss.

Yes, this research has promising potential and future for weight management, but further research is required before damiana is fully recommended as a supplement for weight loss. But at present, many people are using damiana in different forms for catering to their health needs.

The Right Dosage

Nowadays, you can easily locate dried leaves of damiana inside capsules and tea bags. Also, it is present in tinctures of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. It is also possible to smoke and inhale damiana leaves, but it isn’t advisable. Consumption of damiana should be off-limits for nursing and pregnant mothers and people suffering from liver problems.

Consumption of damiana in high dosages also leads to hallucinations. It is advisable to remain calm and seek medical help during hallucinations from consumption of damiana. Make it a priority to always read the dosage instructions present on your damiana product’s level. It is generally best to consume about 2-4 grams or even less of the dried damiana.

You can consume it in capsule form with your meals or with tea three times a day. The experiences will vary from person to person, but the majority of the hallucination reports start from doses of 200 grams.

Damiana is selling as an ingredient known as the spice available in some herbal combinations, which mimics the marijuana effects. Damiana is completely legal in the US except for the state of Louisiana.

Summing It Up!

Damiana consists of a wild shrub that grows a lot in Mexico, West Indies, and Central America. Its stem and leaves are usable for creating medicines, and the majority of its use is in the aphrodisiac department, which is increasing sexual desire.

Damiana is great for treating constipation, headache, nervous stomach, bedwetting, and depression. It is excellent for both treatment and prevention of sexual issues.

The damiana effects on testosterone are at a positive standpoint as well. Damiana helps in increasing testosterone levels in men by blocking off all the aromatase enzyme.

It is beneficial during the process of aging. It carries an array of additional health benefits, with increased sexual desire being the most. Further studies and research are a must and are on-going, but increasing sexual libido in the market is continually expanding.


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