Health Benefits of Yohimbine

Yohimbe is a tree that grows in Central and Western parts of Africa. In Latin, the name of the herb is Pausinystalia Yohimbe.

The bark of this tree contains an active ingredient called yohimbine. Yohimbine is a chemical used to make medicines.

Yohimbine hydrochloride is a form of yohimbine that is a prescription drug in the U.S. This write-up will open your eyes to the information you need to know about yohimbine and the benefits it offers.

A brief description of its uses:

The primary use of this chemical is to treat ED. Since the introduction of Viagra, yohimbine’s is now less known. However, you can still find Yohimbe bark extracts in health care stores and online markets. As an aphrodisiac, it also plays the role of a tonic. It is also generally made use of for its hallucinogenic effects.

Yohimbe and its extract are becoming a popular trend among workout enthusiasts. That is due to their fat-burning properties. They are mainly used to reduce weight by burning fats during fasting for short periods. In the common market, you can find them as food supplements.

Health Benefits of Yohimbine





What are the benefits?

A few of the benefits of yohimbine are:

Sexual disorders caused by antidepressants:

Studies show that taking yohimbine will help to reduce sexual problems that are caused by a few antidepressants. However, you will need to mix it with other chemicals to subdue the issues. It is not sure whether the direct consumption of its bark will have the same effect.


There is unclear proof of the yohimbine’s effectiveness. That is when it comes to treating phobias related to anxiety. A few studies show that it does not help improve fears when combining it with exposure therapy.

This study is on the fear of flying. On the other hand, other studies reveal that taking yohimbine and exposure therapy helps treat the fear of confined spaces. This method seems to perform better than taking exposure therapy alone. Hence, there should be more research carried on its effects on anxieties.

Athletic performance:

Many users reported that they saw a boost in their physical performance after taking products that contain yohimbine. It does not seem surprising considering the effects it has on boosting the body’s energy levels.

It also improves the blood flow in the body. The raising of your energy levels will help you to take your workouts to the next level. You will then see improvement in your physique and strength.

In a study, the researchers saw a quick boost in the performance of the subjects.  The amount of oral dose given to the patients was just 5mg of yohimbine. Hence, if you need help to improve your workout level, it might be just the right supplement.



The Yohimbe bark contains the active ingredient yohimbine. Some experts suggest its use as a remedy for depression. That is because it blocks an enzyme known as monoamine oxidase.  However, one has to use it at a high dose, i.e., 50mg per day, to affect. Hence, it can give rise to potential side effects.

Earlier researches show that yohimbine does not prove very useful in treating depression symptoms. Therefore, there are still more studies required on this topic.

Dry mouth:

Dry mouth is a common sign of people who takes antidepressants. A few studies confirmed the proof of the effects of yohimbine on dry mouth sickness.

It shows that taking yohimbine helps restore the right amount of salivary volume in patients suffering from dry mouth. However, there is no specific evidence on the similar effects by the Yohimbe bark.

Erectile dysfunction (ED):

The yohimbine extract taken from the Yohimbe bark is very popular in the online and health care stores. That is because of its natural abilities to improve sexual drive and treat ED. However, it is unclear whether the yohimbine supplement takes similar actions. That is because most researches focus on the drug yohimbine and not on the extracts of the bark.

There are conflicting proofs on the effects of yohimbine on treating ED. Some studies show that it is not so practical for ED caused due to physical problems. These studies suggest that it is more like a placebo treatment.

On the other hand, other studies recommend the use of yohimbine to treat ED. Their evidence also proves that it is more effective than placebo treatment.


If you are struggling with stubborn body fat, then this product may be right for you. Helping in weight loss is a bonus of yohimbine. It can be very beneficial and practical, especially for women.

It has the potential to provide a more targeted fat loss. The areas containing a higher volume of body fats also have a higher alpha-2 adrenergic receptor level. The high concentration of these receptors prevents the fats from breaking down.

The yohimbine has a high tendency to combine with these receptors. By binding the receptors, they block them from the hormones responsible for helping the body fight stress. As a result, it becomes easier to lose fat from the body.

Low blood pressure:

Early research shows that a single dose of yohimbine causes an increase in blood pressure. Hence, it can be beneficial for people with head rush due to low blood pressure. On the other hand, people with high blood pressure should avoid it.

Other benefits:

Because of the effects yohimbine has on the nervous system, it helps blood flow throughout the body. Due to improved blood flow in the penis or vagina, is how they treat ED. And as they cause the expansion of blood cells, they allow better distribution of nutrients and minerals throughout the body.

Traditionally, Africans use yohimbine to treat cough, fever, and leprosy.


The yohimbine is another display of nature’s power plants that offers many benefits. Regarding weight loss, the yohimbine is taken on an empty stomach as food intake reduces its effects. Though there are many known benefits, there is also a risk in using yohimbine.

Some of the side effects caused by the consumption of yohimbine are nausea, insomnia, dizziness, and increased blood pressure.

Hence, it is advisable to consult your doctor before buying or using this product for your health. We hope this write-up gives you a hand in awareness of the infamous yohimbine.


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