Korean Red Ginseng Benefits

Many people may not know this, but good sex life is one of the keys to happiness. Low sexual performance tends to affect your interpersonal relationships as well as confidence. Erectile Dysfunction (ED) happens when men cannot maintain or obtain an erection for a sufficient period in sustaining sexual activities.

ED is extremely common among many men. We know this from the study conducted by the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP). But younger men also tend to experience ED.

It mainly occurs from psychological conditions, impaired blood flow, and many other medical conditions.

Yes, there are multiple treatments of prescription medications out there for you. And one herbal remedy that is popular for treating this condition is called red ginseng. But there are certain considerations that you need to take into account before using it.


Korean Red Ginseng Benefits





What Is Red Ginseng?

Red ginseng, also known as Panax Ginsenx in its scientific name, consists of a Korean herbal treatment or remedy. It grows in Asia, and it also goes by other names such as Panax Ginseng, Asian Ginseng, or Chinese Ginseng.

The purpose behind its use stands for an array of medical conditions such as ED and more. This herb is extremely old and isn’t harvestable until the plant reaches six years or more. But fresh ginseng is usually four years old or even younger.

This plant consists of a root that possesses stalks and often resembles a human’s body. It features legs, arms and gives off the shape of a human being. Manufacturers of herbal supplements and practitioners mostly prepare red ginseng in the form of a pill or tea.

These manufacturers create these products for sale and help provide health benefits to a lot of people. Here, the unprocessed + dried root is known as White Ginseng, and the dried and steamed root is known as Red Ginseng.

Red Ginseng and Erectile Dysfunction

There is extensive use of Red ginseng in treating impotence. Nowadays, many researchers are carrying out studies on the effectiveness of this herb.

In a recent study, about 45 men suffering from ED took either the placebo or the Red ginseng. The patients getting the herb proceeded in consuming over 900 mg for 3-times a day for about eight weeks.

For the continuous eight weeks, the patients who took the Korean Red ginseng started noticing major improvements concerning the ED symptoms. The results were so much better compared to the patients that consumed the placebo. Most researchers believe that Red ginseng is an excellent substitute treatment for treating impotence.

According to a review of six studies in 2008 by the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology concerning ED and Red ginseng, there was a report of improvement within the erectile functioning compared to a placebo. But these researchers are still curious and hopeful for a large-scale study, so they end up being 100% sure about what’s at stake here.

Another research study of 119 men suffering from a mild-moderate case of ED in the International Journal of Impotence Research was conducted.

The participants’ medication choice of consumption was 350 mg of placebo or Red ginseng four times every day for eight weeks. Red ginseng is available in multiple distinct preparations, like in a pill or cream form.

Red Ginseng and Erectile Dysfunction

According to a study from the American Academy of Family Affairs (AAFP), consuming Red ginseng of 900mg three times per day tends to enhance erections in men. However, there is still work, and more research left to do for the accurate report of improved sexual experience on Red ginseng consumption.

From a meta-analysis in 2018 of 24 controlled trials consisting of 2,080 men with erectile dysfunction, researchers started finding that ginseng brought a significant improvement in men’s erectile functioning.

They are starting to see it as an effective and successful herbal treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. But certain cautions are surrounding its treatment, and further research is required for firm conclusions.

Ginseng is beneficial for erectile dysfunction because several studies showcase its uses. It also helps in relaxing blood vessels, allowing smooth blood flow at all times.

According to a Japanese study in 2007, one form of ginsenoside helps release nitric oxide through the sex steroids receptors of a membrane. This release causes relaxation of the cells present in the vascular smooth muscle. It helps in preventing the arteries from coming in contact with each other and also promotes vasodilation.

It is quite similar to ED medications such as Cialis and Viagra. Called the PDE5 inhibitors, they tend to block phosphodiesterase, an enzyme that forms a part in the reaction causing contraction of the smooth muscle cells. It also widens the arteries present in your body, allowing easy blood flow in your penis. It does so by increasing their distribution or supply of nitric oxide.

Red Ginseng

Additional Benefits

Korean Red ginseng also helps in boosting your immune system all the time. According to the study’s findings, daily consumption of 100 gm ginseng for 12 weeks enhances the flu vaccine’s effectiveness. Also, the study subjects consuming ginseng had lower cases of colds/flu and increased levels of germ-killing cells and antibodies.

Another study also suggests that healthy patients who started taking 100gm of ginseng twice per day for eight straight weeks began having higher levels of T-helpers and lymphocytes.

These are cells that help combat body infection. We also know from the review of studies in 2012 that ginseng helps lessen heart disease symptoms. It has great potential in treating cardiovascular diseases.

Red ginseng also has the power to improve the health of your brain. Many researchers suggest that it brings massive positive changes in your mental performance.

Your memory power and learning capacity will notice a significant expansion. The chemical agents of red ginseng tend to elevate the adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) levels in your brain. Plus, it also does a great job of reducing stress in your body.

Another great treatment would be its capacity to combat diabetes as it lowers sugar levels. According to studies of meta-analysis in 2016, Type-2 diabetes patients who started consuming ginseng began witnessing improved post-meal insulin and fasting glucose levels.

There was also an improvement in the blood triglycerides, LDL cholesterol, and total cholesterol compared to the control group.

You will also be excited to hear that red ginseng can help fight cancerous cells. There was a study of over 4000 people who were over the age of 40. The patients that opted for ginseng started displaying a lower cancer risk.

Ginseng also helps reduce the chances of colon cancer development and tumor growth. It decreases the main key processes information + progression of cancer, inhibiting angiogenesis, and lower inflammation.

Summing It Up!

Ginseng is affordable and also available for purchase just about anywhere nowadays. You can start consuming it in the form of a drink, tea, capsule, or powder. You may not be aware of this, but ginseng is also usable as an energy supplement.

However, ginseng isn’t FDA approved until now, which is a drawback, but that doesn’t limit its usage and potential.

Like any other supplement, ginseng’s medical effectiveness isn’t fully transparent, so you need to be cautious with your intake. Make it a priority to discuss its usage with your doctor.


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