Coffee Makers Buying Guide


Coffee is something that most people consider a necessity. Whether it’s starting off your morning before work or meeting up with friends in the afternoon, coffee makes everything better. What makes coffee even more remarkable is the art of brewing it from the comfort of your home.

If you have a coffee maker, you can quickly get a hot cup of coffee just the way you want. Coffee is also the perfect medium for friends and family to catch up on life and how things are going. So basically, a cup of coffee can be considered a good conversation starter.

Knowing what type of coffee maker you want to purchase will play an important part in your plans to brew the perfect cup of coffee, whether it’s for you or the people in the house.

Having a good coffee maker in your kitchen will definitely be a bonus for years to come. So let’s take a dive on what type of coffee maker is best suited for your home and also know what type you’d want to buy.

Coffee Makers


How Do I Know Which Coffee Maker To Buy? 

The first important step to owning a coffee maker for your home is knowing exactly which one to buy. You’ll have to consider the number of servings that the coffee maker is capable of and the size of the machine.

You won’t want the machine to be too big if your kitchen is moderately sized. You also want to know the price range of different coffee makers as there are many options to choose from, based on your budget.

Checking the machine’s power consumption is also something you’ll need to check on if you’re browsing for coffee makers. If the first thing you look for in the morning is a hot cup of coffee, you might also want to make sure that the machine dispenses coffee rather quickly.

If all the adults in your household drink coffee, the amount which the coffee maker dispenses should also be a significant factor for you. It wouldn’t be fun to wait in line for hours, just waiting your turn for a cup of coffee before you head off for work. Also, make it a point to check on how much water the coffee maker can hold at a time.

This will determine how much coffee it can produce in one go. If it’s a multiple serve machine, you can place more cups under the coffee maker. As the name suggests, if it’s a single-serve machine, it can hold one cup on the platform.

With that being said, when you’re looking to buy a coffee maker, be sure to check out the features that it offers. There are many different coffee makers with different features based on different rates. So naturally, if the coffee maker has a heftier price tag, you can expect it to have more features than the ones cheaper.


Single Serve Coffee Maker's Buying Guide




Best Single Serve Coffee Maker For The Home 

 If you’re looking for something that’s compact and easy to use, the best pick would be the Keurig K-Slim Coffee Maker. It is a single-serve coffee brewer and holds up to 46oz of water.

It can also dispense coffee for three cup sizes; 8, 10, or 12 oz. What makes the Keurig K-Slim coffee maker special is that it can produce coffee with just a push of a button. And it only takes a few minutes to fill your cup with hot coffee.

Since it’s less than 5 inches wide, it can fit anywhere in your kitchen without taking up much space. This leaves more room for your other appliances in the kitchen. The Keurig K-Slim coffee maker is also travel mug friendly, which means that it can fill up bigger mugs as the drip tray is removable from the machine.

The coffee maker is also energy-friendly as it automatically turns itself off after five minutes of disuse. Thus, helping you save precious energy in your home. The coffee maker is also compatible with the universal K-Cup coffee filter.

The Keurig K-Slim Coffee Maker comes in two variants: The Coffee Maker and the Coffee Maker + Filter. Nonetheless, both machines produce and dispense the same type of delicious coffee in just a matter of minutes, with the latter having an additional coffee filter.


Product Dimensions:

The Keurig K-Slim Coffee Maker is quite compact and sleek. The height of the machine measures 12.14″ (16.75″ when the lid is open). The width is 4.76″ to be exact and the depth is 15.2″. This makes the product easy to store and place on any countertop in the kitchen. It can also be packed and moved without any hassle since the dimensions are quite small and compact.

Key Features of the Keurig K-Slim Coffee Maker

  • It has a slim body that is only five inches wide, taking up minimal space in the kitchen
  • It can fill three different cup capacities; 8, 10, and 12 oz
  • It has a removable water reservoir on the back that can hold 46oz when filled up. This will ensure that you can brew coffee for multiple cups in a few minutes
  • The coffee maker can also fill up a travel mug for people who need their coffee on the go
  • It is energy efficient and friendly as it switches off automatically after five minutes after the most recent brew
  • It comes in two colors: Black and White
  • The interface has only seven buttons including the power button which makes it easy to use
  • The K-Cup Pod on the machine uses the hot water and then saturates the freshly ground beans through the filter


The Keurig K-Slim Coffee Maker is an ideal choice for coffee lovers who want something simple yet efficient.

It is a smart coffee machine that produces the amount of coffee you want on just a single tap. The pricing is also quite reasonable and affordable for people who want a great coffee machine on a medium spending scale.


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