Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is one of the most important hormones for the body, especially in men. It plays a huge role in maintaining sexual health as well as body development. It is also responsible for muscle growth, fertility, and fat loss.

If you are dealing with testosterone deficiency, you might be looking for some supplements to increase your testosterone levels.

If you are, you might want to try Power Upp from Juiced Upp, which is one of the best natural supplements in the market right now. It is extremely popular, and everyone in the fitness is currently talking about it.

If you need to increase your testosterone levels, the majority of people will tell you to choose Power Upp testosterone booster. So, let’s talk about this supplement and find out if it is something you should actually try.

About the Brand

The brand that manufactures and distributes Power Upp is Juiced up. Juiced Upp is a subsidiary of Health Nutrition Limited, which operates from California. The brand was introduced back in 2017 and has come a very long way in a very short period of time.

The founders of Juiced Upp aims to provide safe and effective supplements as an alternative to steroids in bodybuilding. After putting in years of work, they were able to create some of the best supplements that are loved by so many loyal clients around the world. They currently have a long list of supplements that caters to the different needs of the people in the bodybuilding community. Power Upp is just one of those supplements that they sell.

Supplements To Increase Your Testosterone Levels





What is Power Upp?

Power Upp is an extremely effective supplement that can help you increase your testosterone levels in a very short amount of time. You will see insane results once you start taking this supplement, such as huge gains, increased endurance levels, strength, and power. What’s even amazing is that the supplement can help you achieve all in in a sustainable and healthy way.

You might think you’ve reached your peak performance, but with Power Upp, you will feel like it’s just the beginning, and you can go so much more.

What you can expect:

In just the very first cycle of using this supplement, you will see

  • A huge jump in your testosterone levels
  • Increased stamina, both inside the gym and outside as well
  • Increased level in energy
  • Higher endurance level and faster recovery from workouts
  • Increased sex drive

Main Ingredients 

The main ingredients of Power Upp are as follows:

Horny Goat Weed Extract:

This ingredient has been in use for a long time now in traditional medicine. Besides being an amazing treatment for increasing testosterone levels, this plant also helps in improving joint and bone health. Another benefit of this ingredient in Power Upp is that it can lower blood pressure.

Maca Root Powder:

Maca root is an anabolic herb, which means that it promotes muscle growth. The root is able to do this by boosting testosterone levels in the body. The supplement contains this ingredient in order to enhance a person’s athletic performance and ability.

Tribulus Terrestris Extract:

Tribulus Terrestris is an amazing medicinal plant that comes with numerous health benefits. It improves the sexual health of a person by boosting their testosterone levels. Besides that, this ingredient also improves joint health, digestive health, treats infertility, and also maintains blood pressure levels. Many people believe that it even acts like testosterone. This is an ingredient that you will want to see in your testosterone-boosting supplement.

Polypodium Vulgare Powder:

Polypodium Vulgare is a medicine used since ancient times. It is still used all over the world even after thousands of years. This medicinal plant helps in boosting the immune system of your body. It also promotes mental health so that you can focus on your physical goals.

Tongkat Ali Root Powder:

Tongkat Ali is another ingredient in Power Upp, which boots testosterone levels. The main objective of adding this ingredient is to increase muscle mass while promoting fat loss. This ingredient can greatly enhance your performance and strength.

Saw Palmetto Berry Powder:

Saw palmetto berry is one of the major ingredients in Power Upp, which is responsible for the increase of testosterone levels. This ingredient is widely used around the world to increase testosterone levels, reduce inflammation, and also improve prostate health. In some places, people use saw palmetto to increase sperm count. Some people also believe that it can treat urinary tract infections. (1)

Muira Puama Root Powder:

Muira Puama, also known as marapuama, is a special ingredient that can reduce the pain in your nerve while also improving your stamina. This helps you to push beyond your limit and breakthrough all those tough workouts with ease. You will find yourself setting new limits every day.


The main benefit of L-Arginine is that it aids in building protein for the body. This, in turn, improves your brain and heart health. Additionally, the compound can also help in improving blood circulation and increase physical performance.

Panax Ginseng Root Powder:

Ginseng is a traditional medicine that has been used for several centuries. The root of this plant comes with a ton of health benefits. One of the clear-cut benefits of ginseng root is its ability to increase energy levels as well as stamina.

Besides these, ginseng also improves blood circulation, which releases chemical stress from the body. With all these benefits, the presence of ginseng root powder in Power Upp gives you the added energy to power through some of the toughest workouts. You will easily see a clear difference in yourself, thanks to ginseng root.

How To Use Power Upp

Like most supplements from Juiced Upp, Power Upp also comes in tablet form, which is very convenient to take.

The suggested serving of Power Upp is two capsules in a day. You can take the tablets along with your meal. If you have any underlying conditions, it is extremely important that you talk with your physician first before starting with the supplements.


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