Tips For People Over 40 To Lose Weight

Losing weight can be a struggle as you age, men and women alike. Especially people of over 40 can find the task even more challenging.

As you hit your 40s, you enjoy many benefits like earned wisdom, increased self-confidence, and the like. But hardly anyone can deny the physical changes too. There is a change in metabolism, making weight maintenance harder.

Nevertheless, losing weight is not impossible, even after 40. No matter what your age, you can shed those extra pounds. Here are 15 tips we have compiled for you to lose weight and keep yourself in good shape.

#1 Eat more fruits and vegetables

Fill your plate with fruits and veggies every time you sit down for a meal. These foods have much lesser fat and more nutrients than grains, meat, or dairy. You will also feel more satisfied. Go for green vegetables and fresh fruits; they are much healthier options than high-sugar or high-fat snacks.

fruits and vegetables

#2 Don’t miss your breakfast

Experts advise you to take oatmeal or whole wheat foods with fruits. It can help you stay fuller for hours, preventing you from eating unhealthy food mid-morning or overeating during lunch. You can also eat small portions of food or snacks from time to time to keep a check on your cravings all day.

#3 How much are you eating at night?

You will be nearer to your weight loss goal if you make a habit of eating more during the day and lesser at night. However, it’s not about when you eat, but what you eat. So pick your dinner menu wisely.

#4 Prepare healthy meals

Even if you have the best foods in front of you, a lot depends on how you cook it. Extra calories and fat come from frying or cooking it in fats like butter and oil. Try boiling, grilling, or baking your food. Even when eating out, try to avoid fried foods.

#5 Don’t go for the second trip

You become less active as you reach your 40s, which is a reason you burn lesser calories. So might want to cut down on the calorie intake altogether to lose weight. Remember, the diet has a huge role to play when it comes to shedding pounds. So eat considerably while also meeting your daily nutrient requirement.

#6 Cut down on the soda

If you are a fan of pop and caffeinated drinks, it’s time to re-think. Sweet drinks contain a lot of added sugar, which makes you gain those pounds and also increases the risk of diabetes. Soda is your enemy if you are trying to lose weight. Replace sweetened coffee, soft drinks, tea, or energy drinks with zero-calorie beverages.

#7 Limit alcohol consumption

Many people don’t succeed in losing weight until they limit their alcohol consumption or take a break from it. When consumed moderately, this beverage can actually help in managing weight, but increase the risk of obesity when taken heavily.

Know that alcohol increases appetite, so you might eat more than you need to while drinking. Also, when you consume alcohol, your body prioritizes breaking it down.

Meaning, your body is less likely to burn down the foods you consume with alcohol. Lastly, drinking too much can disrupt your sleep- and you already know that a good sleeping schedule is a must for weight management.

#8 Keep your mind stress-free

Of course, stress isn’t something that you ask for, but how it affects you and your health is entirely up to you. Many people fall prey to stress-eating when they are not in a favorable situation in their lives. If you are one of them, it’s time to do something about it.

Try meditating, breathing, going for walks, yoga, or reading a book instead of binging on unhealthy food, which makes breaking down of fat harder for your body. Finding a stress relief method works differently for everyone, so discover what’s best for you.

#9 Get enough sleep

After 40, several factors affect your sleep- health issues, work stress, medications, and so on. But getting good sleep is essential for losing weight. People who don’t get quality sleep gain more weight than those who do.

Deep sleeping enhances the production of a hormone that burns fat. So the next time you realize that you are skimping sleep because of stress or work, try changing your habits and set a good sleep schedule.

#10 Exercise more

When you are in your 40s, its harder to make time for workouts. You get busy with family activities, jobs, and several other factors that sometimes make it impossible to even think about finding the time to exercise. However, it is crucial- for both your weight and your overall well-being. Set the days or hours for moderate exercises, like brisk walking or light cardio. Jot it down in your calendar, and prioritize it.

Exercise more

#11 Drink water before meals

We all already know how essential drinking water is for our body. It also dramatically increases your chances of losing weight.

In fact, studies had shown that people who drank two cups of water before every meal lost more weight than those who didn’t. Drink two cups of water before every breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and you are left with only two more cups to reach the minimum H2O requirement of the day!

#12 Throw away those old water bottles

Many of us make a mistake of reusing plastic water bottles while trying to save the environment! But recent studies have evidence showing that exposure to harmful toxins from plastic fuels weight gain.

They have found that people with the highest BPA concentration in their urine had 75% more chance of suffering from obesity and had larger waists too. So, while it is crucial to think about being environment-friendly, consider how some certain habits affect your weight and overall health also.

#13 Beware of internet videos

You know the videos wherein less than 30 seconds they bake the most tempting and incredible-looking foods. It has become impossible for us to avoid cravings because of what we see all over the internet.

But this certainly should not be an excuse to consume unhealthy food. The next time you come across one of these videos, see if you can make it healthier- if not, go back and never look again.

#14 Buy a stand-up desk

You must have spent around two decades in the workforce. At this point, you possibly already have your desk. Invest in an office makeover- get a stand-up desk. The reason? Standing at work is a game-changer; it can burn more calories than sitting. You can burn 30,000 more calories annually if you just stand for three hours during work. That’s about 3.6 kg of fat every year!

#15 Check your thyroid

If you are doing everything it takes to lose weight, but the numbers aren’t going down on the scale, maybe you should get your thyroid checked. It happens most commonly to people of over 60 years of age or women.

When your thyroid isn’t working correctly, you can also experience fatigue, muscle, and joint ache, depression, and hair loss in addition to the increase in weight. There are medications for treating this, so in such cases, check your thyroid.

Wrapping up:

When you reach 40, you’ll find it easier to gain weight than to lose it. There will be changes in your eating habits, activity level, hormones, and so much more. It’s important to keep track of your lifestyle and over-all health while also appreciating these changes and cherishing your life.

The tips mentioned above should help you if you are concerned with how you look and want to stay slim and fit. Not forgetting, you can eat dark chocolates to satisfy your sweet cravings!

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