Worst Foods For Losing Weight

Weight loss has become such a social media phenomenon that people forget why they diet or exercise. It’s time to bring healthy living and acceptance of every body type back into the spotlight.

You either make the right choices to achieve a healthy body or become obsessed with toxic beauty standards that have made every person spiral into a self-conscious pit of despair at least once.

But, If you’re gunning for changes you want to make within a set period, you can consider skipping out on a few food items that may delay or even slow you down on your journey to losing that weight!

Refined/Processed Grains

What you should keep in mind is that all carbs are not the same. You’ve got the good kind and the kind that may hinder your plans to lose weight. Refine or simple carbs fall into the latter category.

They are stripped of most of their nutrients and fiber and are considered empty calories. It may even cause over-eating. It usually comes in the form of white flour, white bread, white rice, pastries, snacks, pasta, and breakfast cereals.

Consider switching to whole grain foods; they have reasonable quantities of fiber and other nutrients that will assist in your metabolism and improve your overall health.

100% Whole grain bread, Rye bread, oat bread, multigrain bread are all better options. If you eat traditional white rice, why not switch to brown rice or Parboiled rice.

Refined/Processed Grains



Refined Sugar-Sweetened Beverages

Sugar is a common household item and part of almost everyone’s daily diet. It would be hard to try and completely stop having sugar or sweeteners. Sweets are enjoyed by young and old alike and are a massive part of flavoring food items.

So, how to make sure you aren’t just consuming unhealthy amounts of sugar? You can start by making sure you are mindful of your intake and what you are putting in your body. You can also make changes to the types of sugar or sweetener you eat.

Refined and processed sugars, such as sucrose (table sugar), high fructose corn syrup, and agave syrup(liquid sugar), are a few of the various types of refined sugar that you can reduce in your diet.

Added sugar or table sugar becomes problematic only when consumed in high volumes. Liquid sugar may be more dangerous as its concentration is higher and can be consumed in high volume without making you feel full. You may want to stay away from sweet Soda, milkshakes, sweet iced tea, energy drinks, etc.

Refined Sugar-Sweetened Beverages



100% Fruit Juice

This may be confusing since most people have been told time and again that fruits are good for health, and that statement does remain valid. Still, a 100% fruit juice may have a higher sugar concentration, albeit naturally occurring sugar, but it’s still sugar.

You may consume a lot of it without feeling full. Thus, making it easier to overconsume. Also, drinking fruit juice before eating may make you hungrier, making you eat more and increasing your calorie intake.

If you are thinking about reaching for that fruit juice instead of the fruit that’s available, you may have to reconsider and opt for the healthier option so that you can stay true to your diet. If you have only the juice available, then stick to recommended allowances and always check the nutritional charts on the side of the cartons.

100% Fruit Juice



Foods with High Sodium

Sodium retains water in the body, and if you are taking high amounts of it, you may not see any improvements in your weight loss journey. The human body does require sodium but in small quantities.

Too much of anything is never good, especially when referring to salt. It’s always good to check the nutritional facts available on your packaged foods, see what exactly it is you are putting in your body and how much of it. It’s a known fact that processed foods are high in sodium, so reconsider the chips, cookies, salted nuts, etc.

Try opting for unprocessed foods like fresh fruits and veggies, have raw nuts like raw almonds and unsalted peanuts, you can also lightly toss them in a hot pan to increase flavor and texture. Also, try reducing the use of condiments like sauces.

Foods with High Sodium



Fatty Foods

Fats are required by the body to keep healthy if consumed in small quantities; however, a large intake of saturated and trans fats will increase cholesterol. There are several healthy alternatives to trans and saturated fats; maybe you can consider switching out butter for peanut butter or almond butter.

Try using vegetable oils like olive oil for cooking and having nuts and avocados. Most importantly, make sure you are sticking to the dietary allowances and checking the quantity of food you eat.

Fatty Foods


High Alcohol Consumption

If you’re on a diet and having a cheat day and tend to drink the entire bottle since “it’s already open,” you better think twice as you may be adding empty calories that have little to no nutrients in your body by over-eating and increasing belly fat storage.

It can also cause adverse side effects to your organs that help with body metabolism. It may hamper your digestive functions and absorption of nutrients, causing an overall health risk. It may be challenging to cut out alcohol entirely but consider reducing the amount you take if you want to see improvements on your scales.

High Alcohol Consumption


How can we choose to be healthy!

Deep down, everyone knows that having a balanced diet will give the best chance of having a healthy body. You can, of course, accompany the diet by exercising moderately and having a proper sleep.

And, let’s not forget the lifestyle habits you have, your daily routine, and making sure your mental wellbeing is in order. When you read about healthy living and tell people how to live and think healthy, it sounds pretty straightforward, but the truth is, it’s hard.

Start with small steps and minor changes. Add one goal to your routine, one adjustment, work on it and make it a habit, then move on to the next step.

After a while, you’ll realize that even though the road was a bit bumpy, you’ve made enough changes to see visible improvements in your health, your life, and your attitude.


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